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What are Molds?

Molds produce spores or seeds, which are very light and about the size of pollen grains. They can be spread by air currents inside or outside the house. These spores are the major source of trouble for the individual who is allergic to mold. Where are molds? Molds are everywhere! They will grow on almost […]

When Allergies and Asthma Complicate Pregnancy

Asthma is the most common, potentially serious medical condition to complicate pregnancy. In fact, asthma affects almost 7 percent of women in their childbearing years. Well-controlled asthma is not associated with significant risk to mother or fetus. Although uncontrolled asthma is rarely fatal, it can cause serious maternal complications including high blood pressure, toxemia and […]

You may have allergic rhinitis if …

Advice from your Allergist You may have allergic rhinitis if … You sneeze a lot, often in rapid succession…your nose is runny, congested or stuffy…you’re bothered by itching of the nose, eyes, throat or roof of the mouth…you’re nagged by postnasal drip… your ears pop or are plugged… you have a decrease sense of smell…and/or […]